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SF17WGK - ChasingTheBlueLights

SV67NMX is a water rescue unit manufactured by CSS on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. The vehicle trailers a RIB (Rigid inflatable boat) and has an area in the rear for water rescue technicians to change into water rescue gear while en route to an incident. Between 2017 and 18 the decision was made to establish a water rescue unit at Central Community Fire Station, crews were trained to a level 3 water rescue standard (Swift water rescue technicians (SRT) and rescue power boat operators) and in April of 2018 the water rescue unit went live. Level 3 water rescue means crews can enter the water and swim during rescues, as well as use boats and rescue skids.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has the legal responsibility in Scotland to respond to inshore water rescues as well as assist in flooding scenarios, the water rescue unit is a direct response to that with over 20 of them in Scotland. When a water rescue unit responds they generally will not have a support pump as it is 'jump-crewed', this means crews will just transfer from the pump to the water rescue unit and respond. At incidents, the water rescue PDA will usually require an additional water rescue unit to respond, in Central's case, this will more often than not be Elgin or Kingsway East. The towed boat goes by the callsign Q02B1.

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