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SV59AZX is an ex-Grampian Fire and Rescue Service command support unit, manufactured by Cebotec on a MAN TGL 8.210 chassis and crewed on a wholetime basis. The command unit is used for complex and large incidents where an additional element of control and support is required, generally, these will be MP6 incidents (incidents where there are more than 6 pumps in attendance), however, they can be mobilised to any complex incident in the Incident Commander sees fit. Command units will go to a variety of incidents from large fires to search for persons.

The command support unit usually goes by the callsign Q03C1 however for the cab crew in the rear the crew will communicate with separate radios and therefore are designated Q03C2. The rear features a large touchscreen display and several monitors, as well as extra communication gear such as radios, phones, etc. The appliance can relay footage from the likes of drones, telescopic masts, thermal imaging cameras, etc.


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There is also a removable tent/canopy that can be set up, as well as a generator system for longer incidents. All these features divide the rear into a separate command and communications area The communications area allows liaison between other agencies and fire crews while the command area allows the command team to oversee and control the incident. When mobilised the command unit will be turned out with a designated command support pump, in Altens case this is their first-out pump.

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