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SN59CCO is a line rescue unit based on a Mercedes Sprinter van, originally used by the Dumfries & Galloway Fire and Rescue Service. In 2017 it was established that Aberdeen required specialist rope rescue capabilities to support coverage throughout the North of Scotland, on August the 17th 2020 the Line Rescue Unit became operational as the fourth technical rope rescue unit in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and was based at Altens Community Fire Station. Despite the go-live date of the 17th, the executive decision was made for crews to assist with rescue work at the Stonehaven Train Derailment which occurred 5 days before the unit became operational. The vehicle is crewed on a wholetime basis and provides Level 3/4 rope rescue capabilities which previously were only stationed at Lochgelly (Fife), Tollcross (Edinburgh) and East Kilbride (Glasgow).


The van carries a variety of rope rescue equipment that allow crews to work at potentially complex incidents at height but also assist in technical and difficult rescues utilising stretchers and cableways at incidents such as building collapses, cliff/hill incidents, tall buildings, etc.

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