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P91ERS - ChasingTheBlueLights

P91ERS is a hook-lift appliance manufactured by EmergencyOne on a Scania 94D-220 chassis for the Grampian Fire Brigade, the appliance is compatible with a large variety of demountable modules/pods meaning it can not only load modules from its home station modules but also modules from other stations. Currently, Ballater has only one 'forestry' module, based on a flatbed module that transports a Polaris All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). The ATV has a capacity of 6 people and also can transport a rear payload. of 795kg, the ATV is generally used for forestry incidents such as wildfires either to transport personnel where standard appliances cannot reach or to transport equipment.

When the forestry module is loaded the appliance's callsign switches to R38G6, the prime mover works on a retained duty system and will always be turned out with R38P6.

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