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Kitty's Nightclub Fire

One of the most significant incidents dealt with by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in 2023, sparking controversy around Scotland, the Kitty's Nightclub (Kirkcaldy, Fife) had previously caught fire several times yet this was the final blow to the derelict nightclub. I was on the scene well before any press arrived and got a few shots of the incident.

Keith Training Exercise

A fairly large exercise located at a hotel in Keith, this exercise tested breathing apparatus (BA) skills among several stations surrounding Keith.

Kincorth Wildfire

During a hot spell in 2023 a wildfire in Kincorth, Aberdeen sparked a response from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Stonehaven Lifeboat Exercise

RNLI Stonehaven and HM Coastguard - Stonehaven conducted a showcase exercise for a crowd at the Stonehaven Harbour Festival.