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Command Support Unit


SV59 AZX is an Ex-Grampian Fire and Rescue Service command support unit (CSU) manufactured by Cebotec on a MAN TGL chassis. The appliance has a command and control area in the rear and is mobilised to large and complex incidents. The rear of the appliance has it's own callsign (S01C2).

The vehicle is stationed at Inverness Fire Station and is operated on a wholetime basis.


(XRAY1) 2011: Appliance is newly allocated to Altens fire station.

(Q01C1) 2016: Following the 2013 amalgamation of all eight Scottish fire and rescue services the appliance callsign is updated to a national standard.

(S01C1) 2023: Appliance is re-allocated to Inverness fire station.


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