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Water Ladder


SV55 CFO is an Ex-Grampian Fire and Rescue Service water ladder manufactured by EmergencyOne on a Scania P340 chassis. The fact it is based on a P340 chassis means it is the highest horsepower pump in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, the reasoning behind it being the only P340 was due to Grampian Fire and Rescue's strong ties to Scania which wanted one of the pumps on a European tour, none of the usual chassis were going to be prepared on time so they got a P340 crew cab chassis with the numberplate SV05EJK.

Upon the appliances return to Scotland it was given the plate SV55CFO, allegedly the reasoning behind this specific plate was the CFO part meaning Chief Fire Officer. The appliance was thought to have moved to Inverurie Fire Station due to the fact the fleet manager was retained there and took interest in the appliance.

The vehicle is still stationed at Kintore Fire Station and is operated on a retained-duty basis.


(772) 2006: Appliance is newly allocated to North Anderson Drive fire station.

(761) 2008: Appliance is re-allocated to Kintore fire station.

(R32P6) 2016: Following the 2013 amalgamation of all eight Scottish fire and rescue services the appliance callsign is updated to a national standard.


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