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Water Ladder


SV06AFE is an Ex-Grampian Fire and Rescue Service water ladder manufactured by EmergencyOne on a Scania P270 chassis. It is based at Forres fire station and is the first out pump on a retained-duty basis.

Due to Forres Fire Station having level 2 water rescue capabilties the appliance has some extra kit to assist in water rescues and flooding.


(962) 2006: Appliance is newly allocated to Central fire station.

(751) 2008: Appliance is re-allocated to the Inverurie fire station.

(401) 2015: Appliance is re-allocated to the Forres fire station.

(R20P6) 2016: Following the 2013 amalgamation of all eight Scottish fire and rescue services the appliance callsign is updated to a national standard.


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