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Water Ladder


SV02 EMK is an Ex-Grampian Fire and Rescue Service water ladder manufactured by EmergencyOne on a Scania 94D-220 chassis. The appliance is unique in that it is one of three '10-man' pumps bought by Grampian Fire Brigade. The vehicle is stationed at Buckie Fire Station and is operated on a retained duty basis.

Due to the appliances unique 10-person crew the appliance can respond solo to incidents that would usually require two pumps. To support this the pump carries extra firefighting equipment and has an additional officer in charge (OIC).

Due to Buckie Fire Station having level 2 water rescue capabilties the appliance has some extra kit to assist in water rescues and flooding.


(481) 2002: The appliance is rolled out to Buckie Fire Station alongside two other 10-man pumps at Turriff and Ballater as part of a new trial by Grampian Fire Brigade into 10-man pumps.

(R22P6) 2016: Following the 2013 amalgamation of all eight Scottish fire and rescue services the appliance callsign is updated to a national standard.


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