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Central Community Fire Station, located in Aberdeen City, is a former station of the Grampian Fire and Rescue Service. It has four bays and operates on a 'wholetime' basis. The station houses several specialist appliances, including a high-reach appliance, a water rescue unit, and a mass decontamination unit. In the past Aberdeen Central acted as the headquarters of Grampian Fire Brigade/Fire and Rescue Service, nowadays it is the Aberdeen City, Shire & Moray Local Senior Officer (LSO) headquarters and the Aberdeen City headquarters.

Central currently operates an aerial ladder platform high-reach appliance, with an extendable boom of 32 metres (8-9 floors) it not only assists in firefighting but also with rescues at height.


From 2017/18 it was decided that Aberdeen required Level 3 water rescue coverage for crews to respond to inshore water rescue incidents as well as flooding. In April of 2018, the Water Rescue Unit became a declared resource at Central Fire Station. The water rescue unit is based on a Mercedes Sprinter van that trailers a RIB, crewed by Level 3 swift water rescue technicians (SRT).


Grampian Fire and Rescue Service received a prime mover vehicle as well as two mass decontamination modules from the Scottish Government under the New Dimensions programme, the prime mover works on a hook lift system that utilises an array of demountable modules or 'pods' to respond with whatever is required. The mass decontamination modules aid the decontamination of people following chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) incidents.

In 2020 the Scottish Ambulance Service based an ambulance at Central Community Fire Station.

SY19AAE - ChasingTheBlueLights

First pump

SY19AAF - ChasingTheBlueLights

Second Pump

SF17WGK - ChasingTheBlueLights

Aerial Ladder Platform

SV67NMX - ChasingTheBlueLights

Water rescue unit

SV09BPF - ChasingTheBlueLights

Prime Mover

SN59CCO - ChasingTheBlueLights

Multi-Role 4x4

SL20AUF - ChasingTheBlueLights

Multi-Role Vehicle

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